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Here at Elite Dental Spa we take care of all your denture needs from partial to full dentures or even a same-day denture repair! Having complete dentures help with chewing as well as support one’s facial structure and improve speech. With dentures, you can have a full set of teeth while you are waiting for your gums to heal and your bone to realign after having teeth removed. Whichever prosthodontic option you choose, your appliance will help you regain your ability to chew the foods you love, and provide you with increased self-esteem. You want to go through life looking and feeling your best, and that includes your teeth. Thanks to modern dental techniques and high-tech materials, there are now state-of-the-art dental appliances to choose from. You shouldn’t make the decision alone, get the help of Dr. Heisler, our prosthodontist at Elite Dental Spa in Great Neck, NY, and come in for a consultation. Dr. Heisler can discuss specialized prosthodontic options with you!

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