ICON White Spot Removal

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Have white spots on your teeth made you self conscious about your smile?  Maybe you've had them for years, or perhaps you noticed them after just completing an orthodontic treatment.  At Elite Dental Spa, Dr. Eliot Heisler proudly offers ICON white spot removal to help patients improve the appearance of their teeth in a conservative fashion.

Icon white spot removal is a revolutionary breakthrough approach to the cosmetic treatment of white spot lesions.  White spots and other discoloration often appear on teeth due to fluorosis, poor oral hygiene, demineralization of the enamel layer, trauma or following the treatment of braces (orthodontics). ICON white spot removal works to fill and reinforce demineralized tooth enamel without any destructive drilling or painful shots.  With one simple procedure and without unnecessary loss of healthy tooth structure, we can minimize the appearance of white spots on your teeth in just one appointment!

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