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Who Qualifies for Dental Implants?

Find out what makes someone the perfect candidate for this popular tooth replacement. 

Many adults are turning to our Great Neck, NY, prosthodontist Dr. Eliot Heisler to get dental implants. If you are missing one, several, or all of your teeth you may be wondering, “could dental implants help me?” There are many deciding factors that go into determining someone’s candidacy. Some of these factors include,

Have a Healthy Jawbone

If you want dental implants, it’s first important for our Great Neck, NY, implant dentist to take X-rays of your mouth to check the density of the jawbone. After losing one or more teeth, the jawbone starts to breakdown, so if you have waited years to have your missing tooth or teeth replaced then you may be dealing with significant jawbone loss. It’s important for us to make sure that your jawbone is strong enough to support a dental implant before undergoing surgery.

Being in Good Health

Our dental team will also need to take your overall health into account when determining whether or not implants are right for you. While we can go back through your detailed medical history it’s also important that you tell your dentist about any new health problems or recent diagnoses that could play a role in the success of your dental implant surgery.

Heavy alcohol use, smoking, and chronic health problems can increase your risk of implant failure, so it’s important to discuss your health with your dentist before proceeding.

Not Dealing with Oral Health Problems

Along with analyzing your current overall health, we will also need to examine your oral health to make sure that there isn’t any gum disease or decay present. If we do discover gum disease, we will need to hold off on surgery until we are able to get the infection under control. It’s important to have healthy teeth and gums prior to getting dental implant surgery.

Are you interested in getting dental implants? If so, our Great Neck, NY, dental team is here to make sure that you get the treatment you need to fill gaps in your smile and to renew confidence in your appearance again. Call Elite Dental Spa at (516) 829-2001 to schedule a consultation.

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